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Brisbane email marketing services.

The Famous Group offers customised email marketing (or emarketing) solutions for businesses of all types and sizes.

So, why should you incorporate emarketing into your regular marketing strategy? For a start, email marketing campaigns are one of the most effective ways to keep customers coming back to your website. Emails are a proven cost-effective way to keep in closer contact with your customers and to help build brand awareness and loyalty. And there's a simple reason why this is the case: Emails let you talk to your customers long after they have left your website or business premises.

The benefits of email marketing include:
  • It is much cheaper than other forms of marketing
  • It offers a high return for a relatively low investment
  • It can be delivered instantly and at a set time on a set day
  • It lets you send your message directly to your target audience
  • It's easy to track
  • Most people have email and check it regularly
The trick to a successful emarketing campaign is in getting your clients or customers to "click through" (that's geek speak for someone clicking from your email newsletter to your website) and to stop them from clicking "delete"? That's where The Famous Group comes in. We can provide a full range of emarketing services including custom designs, and engaging and well written content. We can even suggest content ideas and review link placement if you need us to.

If you don't already have a system set up to deliver your emarketing campaigns, we can set you up in our Famous mail system, which enables us to send out email campaigns on your behalf. Or, if you prefer to take matter into your own hands, we can set you up with your own login to our browser-based Famous mail system. It's easy to use and will allow you to not only send campaigns out, but to create new campaigns of your own, review past campaigns and view reports on your campaigns. The reports feature can be used to work out useful things like how many of your recipients are opening your emails, how many click throughs you are getting, and which links were most popular, as well as telling you if any of the addresses in your list are bouncing (and therefore not getting the message through to your customers). You can also use Famous mail to manage multiple subscriber lists and to create targeted email campaigns for special events or specific interest groups.

Contact us to discuss an emarketing solution to suit your business needs.

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