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Blest bras

Blest bras is an Australian-owned business, specialising in lingerie, swimwear and clothing for women "blest" with a larger bust. (Yes, we had an interesting time explaining to office visitors why our screens were full of the images provided by this client.)

Blest bras sells their product online and via catalogue, and they originally approached us back in our Hello Media days to create a custom-made online shop for them. We were also commissioned to design and put together their annual full-colour printed catalogue, as well as providing email marketing, branding and photography services. We've been working with Blest bras for quite a few years now, which we believe is a testiment to the value of building ongoing client relationships.
Having had experience with several web designers, we know how much of a jem we have found in Michael from The Famous Group. The skills you bring from the UK – a world leader in the IT industry - are invaluable. Your talent, passion and the fact you take ownership of your work, and the responsibilities that go with it, are assets rarely found these days. The UK’s loss is Australia’s gain!
Leanne Blackett, Founder, Blest bras

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