Redland City Council
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Redland City Council

Following our work for both the Local Government Association of Queensland and Logan City Council, we were starting to feel very civic-minded at The Famous Group. Then we won the tender to redesign the Redland City Council's website as well as their Redlands IndigiScapes Centre website. Kismet, you say? Maybe. Or it could just be local government in action.

A recent usability review had left Redland City Council dreaming of two things: They wanted both a better look for their websites and they also wanted them to be easier to use. And, because we love to help, we gave them both. Dreams fulfilled!
First off, let me just say I really like the design, it stands out well against the other council websites! Thanks for all your hard work.
Tracey Gee, Snr Communications Manager, Redland City Council

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